‏Veneers are thin lenses that are designed by a cosmetic specialist according to the patient’s smile. it is manufactured in the finest laboratories abroad, which have extensive experience in this field. This type of modern lenses is manufactured specifically for Ceram Specialist Dental Center and does not require sculpting or filing the permanent teeth of the patient to install these lenses, except in certain cases.

3 visits, approximately 7-9 days between the visits

Yes, it is a long term solution provided regular dental visits.

No, it should not cause all of that if the design of the lenses and the installments are done correctly, and for that, we guarantee our patients that our custom-veneer lenses with the supervision of our cosmetic specialist are well designed to prevent those problems with the commitment of the follow up appointments.

Note: Ceram Specialist Dental Center lenses is in a constant development, it even reached to a point where it looks exactly like the natural tooth color,shine,design,details.

Veneer Implementation at our Center