Periodontics is the specialisation of dentistry that helps to treat and strengthen gums and bone around teeth which are the main support system of the teeth .

Deep Cleaning

Cleaning under the pockets of gums

Treatment of loose teeth

Fixing bone loss by grafting

Treatment of gummy smile

Fixing bone loss by grafting

Laser treatment

Using laser therapy for frenectomy, dark gums, gummy simile, gum swellings

Gum Whitening
Dark Gums treatment

Depigmenation, removal of dark/brown color on gums

Periodontal Medicine

Treatment of gum problems caused by other diseases

Treatment of receding gums

Repositioning and gum grafting for treatment of receding gum line

A gum specialist carries out examination, evaluation of extent of gum problems, like excessive gum bleeding, red swollen puffy gums, loose teeth, receding gum line, swelling or abnormal growth and pain in gums.

If you have swollen , extremely shiny , red puffy and spongy gums, feeling of looseness in teeth, bleeding while biting into food, or slight touch / normal brushing which doesn’t get better , feeling of foul taste in mouth or bad breath, increased spacing between teeth, a receding gum line.

Yes. Condition like diabetes, kidney or liver disorders, medications you take,nutrotional deficients, habits like smoking, alcohol , teeth grinding, milestones like puberty, pregnancy, and mental stress all affects your gum health in different ways. This is called Periodontal medicine.

If you have any of the above unhealthy gum conditions , your general dentist may refer you to one, or if you have and medical conditions that require regular gum specialist check up.

It is done under complete local anesthesia and is not painful.

Treatment for excessive gum show while smiling, dark pigmented gums, Uneven line, gum recessions can be treated with cosmetic gum treatment combined with smile design.

Periodontic Procedures at our Center