Clear Smile Aligners

Clear smile aligners (removable braces) all the way from UK. The treatment plan is put together from the company itself which is placed in the United Kingdom under the observation of the best specialized orthodontist with the most affordable prices.

Usually it does not cause much pain , but you will feel a bit of discomfort when changing your wires to a higher force or changing your aligner to the next step. This pain is caused due to your teeth movement while they are trying to align to create the perfect smile that you dream of.

It depends on the patient condition, the specialist orthodontist will set your treatment plan duration after the dental xrays and the examination on the dental chair.

• No Metal Wires – you can straighten your teeth without everyone knowing
• Clear Aligners – Nearly invisible
• Removable – You can brush and floss normally
• No Diet Restriction – You are free to eat whatever you desire
• Comfortable – Aligners are tailor-made to your teeth, so there is little pain and irritation